Increase Your Profit Margins with Jeremy Macliver's Blueprint for Maximum Growth

Recently, I had an awesome chat with Jack Jostes on the Landscaper’s Guide podcast. We dove into practical tips for landscape companies to amp up net profit. I shared actionable insights on conversion rates and key metrics, offering guidance for optimizing profitability in 2024. Check it out!

In the latest episode of the Landscaper’s Guide podcast, Jack Jostes interviews Jeremy Macliver, a certified EOS implementer and owner of Disruptor Group. They delve into practical strategies for increasing net profit in landscape companies, touching on the concept of “ghost profit” and its impact on profit and loss statements. Macliver emphasizes the significance of focusing on actual dollars in profit analysis, providing insights on tracking conversion rates from leads to estimates and leads to sales.

The discussion covers key metrics crucial for landscape companies, including marketing spend to leads and lead to sales conversion rates. Macliver shares valuable guidance on setting up a profitable landscape business in 2024, highlighting the importance of clarity in financial numbers and the allocation of costs to revenue centers. The conversation also touches on the decision-making process of offering various services, with a focus on the benefits of specialization for accelerated growth.

As the episode concludes, Macliver encourages listeners to assess critical metrics, such as marketing spend, lead conversion rates, and cost allocation, providing practical steps to enhance profitability. The conversation underscores the impact of effective marketing and strategic decision-making on a landscape company’s success.

For more insights and to connect with Jeremy Macliver, listeners can visit or reach out via email at [email protected]. The episode encourages reflection on business strategies before the end of the year and serves as a valuable resource for landscape professionals seeking to optimize their financial performance in 2024.

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